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Greg Elie, Founder & President

Greg Elie has been serving clients and retiree’s since 1990. He is licensed in life and health insurance in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee. Greg is well respected in the financial industry as a Complete Advisor. Being able to help Americans save taxes and reduce their risk in their retirement portfolios is what Greg specializes in. He has helped hundreds of clients’ have a more prosperous and less stressful retirement by showing them how to safely protect their assets from nursing home, medicaid, inflation and the ups and downs of the stock market. Greg offers support to clients by providing educational workshops for civic and church groups as well as other nonprofit organizations. He has given well over several hundred workshops throughout his career. Greg, and his wife Marie, reside in Greenville and have been together for over 33 years. They have four children and one grand-daughter.

We believe that the strength of our company is integrity, family values, and trust. Therefore we faithfully partner with our clients to build their financial portfolios into strong and safe resources for their futures.

There are ways that you can reduce your taxes, increase your income and potentially eliminate your social security from being taxed. The Prosperity Group Advisors, LLC can help you do that. Come Grow With Us.

What makes The Prosperity Group Advisors, LLC different?

We specialize in finding the absolute best ways to rescue your IRA’s and 401K’s from being taxed to the hilt, by using a tax-free retirement strategy. We take a holistic and integrative approach in helping our clients. That means we team up with CPA’s, money specialists, and estate planning attorney’s to help you find your financial solutions.

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Social Security Maximization

Social Social security is an important topic of discussion for nearly everyone. There are numerous ways to maximize your social security benefits and all it takes is knowing what opportunities you are eligible for. Take a moment and watch this video to learn more about optimizing social security. Interested in learning even more? Then send us an email and request one of our complimentary, social security maximization reports.


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Generational Vault

You will never waste your precious time on the ceremony of the safe deposit box again. With the Generational Vault you can access your important information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every time you log into the vault, you have immediate access to detailed financial information. You can view a snapshot of your financial picture, a simple-to-understand summary of all your financial accounts, detailed records of your assets, important financial reports and dynamic charts.


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